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Pcar Fuel Flap with Double Stitching

Pcar Fuel Flap with Double Stitching


    Whether you are looking for that "something extra" to help set your car apart, or you are searching for a great gift for the car enthusiast in your life, The Marrk has what you want.

    Our Italian Leather Fuel Flaps are designed with a purpose. Not only do they help protect your vehicle by keeping gasoline from dripping on the paint while fueling up, but they are a stylish extra feature that adds to the custom appeal of your car. 

    This product is very customizeable so you can add that personal touch, whether it's by picking a certain color leather or laser engraving your initials. 


    The"Pcar Fuel Flap" is designed for Porsche 911series, Cayman, and Boxster. 

    Made to fit fuel filler necks  2 1/8  inches in diameter and smaller. This will be a very snug fit in most cases elliminating the need for the supplied adapter. 


    The round design and it also being 3/4 inch shorter, makes for easier storage while providing the maximum coverage area to protect from fuel drips. 


    Made from fine imported Italian Leather 

    -Textured Leather


    Custom Laser Etching Options (Additional Fee)




    Returns will be accepted and a refund issued only if the product is returned in its original packaging and is in "never installed condition". 

    *Any items with custom details can not be returned. *

    Examples -  Anything with Custom Laser Engraving


    No Free Shipping at this time. 


    Free Shipping for Domestic orders over $35.00

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