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  • Should I get my fuel flap waterproofed?
    Yes. We recommend that you get the fuel flap waterproofed. It is made out of Italian leather, and being exposed to water and gasoline over time, you can expect it to fade.
  • What type of waterproofing do you use?
    We use a nanotechnology based liquid & stain repellent. The durable coating maintains breathability while remaining eco-friendly and non flammable. It is also free of harmful solvents and aerosols. Note: is applied only to the back (suede side) of the flap.
  • Can I apply my own waterproofing?
    Yes. We recommend testing a small inconspicuous area on the flap first to make sure there are no adverse effects. We assume no responsibility for the effects of self waterproofing after purchase.
  • How long does waterproofing last?
    The waterproofing treatment lasts approximately 6 months (depending on if this is a daily driver or a show car). Frequent exposure to water and gasoline will take its toll. We recommend that you consider having it re-treated every 6 months - 1 year.
  • Can I use leather conditioner on the flap?
    Yes. We assume no responsibility for the effects of self treating / conditioning the fuel flap after purchase.
  • Is the flap hard to install?
    No. Remove the fuel cap. Work the flap from top to bottom or left to right firmly. Always replace the fuel cap. (See Gallery for images of the typical flap position.)
  • Are tools requred to install the flap?
    No. Tools are not required to install the flap. The product is leather, so it should take just a little bit of effort to work it on.
  • Will the Fuel Flap work on capless designs?
    Yes. See the Gallery for example images.
  • What if the Fuel Flap does not fit my car?
    You can use common fabric scissors to make the hole larger. A little at a time is best. It should fit tightly.
  • Will it work if my fuel door is round?
    The "50 Series" flap is made specifically to fit round and oval fuel doors, but fits square fuel doors as well.
  • What if the filler neck is too small for the flap?
    We will provide a rubber adapter to fill the gap.
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